Payment made easy

A Walk Down Memory Lane:

Let us go rewind our clocks and reverse the chronological order. Imagine the view outside a telephone office or electricity bill payment counter. Long queues, commotion, sweat and exhaustion. Bill payment was one of the headaches that all of us have been acquainted with. Standing in long queues in scorching heat is never desirable. However, missing the payment of a bill creates a loss of hassle. It leads to late payment fine and a lot of tension. But standing in long queues on workdays can make us late for our work and in extreme situations can also lead to loss of pay in work. This is even more troublesome.

This system of bill payment had continued for decades. This not only led to a wastage of time but also a lot of wastage of energy. Also because a lot of time was being wasted, it led to a loss of patience amongst payers which in turn led to commotion and a lot of chaos. Even on the part of the employees who used to take the payments and issue receipt, a lot of their time was wasted which could be used to do more constructive work. Issuing bills and payment receipt also led to a wastage of paper.

A New Way of Payment:

With the development and rapid advancement of technology, new and easier methods of payment came into bay. Paper bills got replaced with SMS on the mobile phones, e-bills delivered through emails. However, still for a long time payment of bills remained stuck in the old rigmarole where one had to still stand in long queues for half of the day and pay the bill. Technologists continued their hard work to find an appropriate alternative to bill payment method-this led to the rise of self-service payment kiosk.

Self-service payment kiosk have now replaced payment counters. There are no more long queues and chaos. Self-service kiosks are standing structures which have a touch screen through which transactions can be made. Now mobile phone bills, telephone bills, electricity bills and even money transfer is done through these self-service payment kiosks.

The main advantage of these kiosks have been the saving of time and energy. A lot of constructive work can be done in the time that is saved. Also, there has been a huge depletion in natural resources that has led to ecological imbalance with its adverse effects. These kiosks have been a solution to trees being felled for paper.

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